About us

ASTIN company is a manufacturer of high quality aluminum systems for sliding, folding, pull-apart and pivot door. We design products are on the market for 15 years and are becoming more popular as evidenced by exports to 18 countries. The high quality of our products, their versatility, functionality, excellent ergonomics and durability have consolidated our position in the market. Aluminium elements, together with a wide range of fillings are designed so as to fit into any interior, cabinets and wardrobes.

Surface finishes

In order to make offer more perfect, through years we have devised different method of aluminium surface finish. We have created wide range of colours and structures, that allow you to design unique furniture with an individual touch.

  • Anodized
  • Wood-like decor
  • PVC cover strip
  • RAL colours

Anodized matt finish

Anodized matte finish is the most popular decorative method on the market.

Microbrushing and polishing the anodized surface

We have obtained a very interesting effect thanks to microbrushing and polishing the anodized surface. Thanks to this process the surface became more resistant to abrasion, soiling and scratch.

Brushing and polishing the profile

Another method that gives an interesting finish is brushing and polishing the profile. Very characteristic and visible effect of brushing was obtained by brushing, anodizing and polishing the surface.

Wood-like decor

Wood-like decor is an important element on the furniture market. That is why in our offer you can find profiles that can be covered with a wood-like foil.

PVC cover strip

There also is a possiblility to decorate the anodized profiles whit the PVC cover strip. It gives you more possibilities to create interesting designs.

RAL colours

Our systems can also be decorated with powder coating by RAL colours. One colour may have matt, semi-matt and glossy finish. Black colour powder coated finish with visible structure became the most popular.

Unlimited possibilities

ASTIN systems were created to pleased individual clients needs. Chance to use filling, chosen from the wide range, possibility of connecting different fillings and usage of bend profiles (fillings may be connected in average combination of directions) - it all helps us create unique interior. The only limit can be your imagination.

Durability and reliability

High quality and durability are proved by our experience and constant testing on our products. In our offer you can find as well, as popular on market, anodised profiles, profiles in best ever quality - polished profiles. Three-steps treatment, in which profiles are brushed, anodised and polished, provides never known before smooth and durable surface. Reliable and quite carriages provide comfortable usage.


Flat, office, hotel, every interior gets a character thanks to our products. Rich colour range of ASTIN systems gives possibility for designing interiors up to individual needs and wishes. Our products can be used for furnishing both modern and past-like interiors.


ASTIN systems were created, so it would be possible to build sliding, folding, pull-apart and pivot doors (between two rooms). By using our systems you can easily close unit wall, create wardrobe, dressing room or, in case of pivot doors, - even another room. Combination of aluminium profiles and great carriages gives possibility to create both durable and elegant doors.

Care of the details and elegant look bear fruit in concrete technical solves:

  • Cover strip in the bottom track - element covering the steel tap screws, which are to be seen after placing the track,
  • Broad brush in profiles (handles) - element covering connections; makes the construction stable and neat,
  • Connectors (slim and fat) - used while building big doors; makes possible connecting different fillings and makes the construction stable, despite the dimension.

Additionally, for our clients, we created interior system, based on vertical aluminium profiles, - ASTIN STYL. This system gives great possibilities in arranging the interior of wardrobe or dressing room. It can be used also like bookcase. Within this light, modern construction you can easily arrange free space and without limits furnish in one style different rooms.